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21 Apr 19Western Gauteng Champs show (GAU)
27 Apr 19NAPC Disciplines Weekend including KUSA Nationals (GAU)
12 May 19Shetland Sheepdog Champs show (GAU)
19 May 19NTKC Championship show (GAU)
1 Jun 19KUSA Classic weekend (GAU)
6 Jun 19SA Agility Championship 2019 (by Invitation only) (GAU)
6 Jun 19AWC Trials 2019 (GAU)
entries closing soon
30 Apr 19NTKC Championship show
4 May 19Shetland Sheepdog Champs show
15 May 19KUSA Classic weekend
See the events page for all events.
Do you know what my favorite part of the game is? The opportunity to play.
~ Mike Singletary

View Port Elizabeth bumper weekend over-all results:
Dog jumping
latest news
10 Apr 19Western Gauteng - closing date extented

Please note the closing date for entries into the Western Gauteng Championship show was extended to midnight on Friday 12 April.

27 Mar 19Bumper Weekend

Please note the Bumper weekend schedule has been updated

13 Mar 19Extension of closing dates

The following shows have extended their closing dates:

Wits - 20 March

Transvaal Midlands - 17 March

Vereeniging - 14 March

JKC - 14 March

9 Mar 19Online entries for Open show 17 March (SAC Trial 4)
Pre-entries are now open for SAC trial 4 & open show on 17 March. We appeal to all handlers to please enter online by 12 March. With 120 dogs doing entries and draw orders is very time consuming on the day and the people assisting are also competing and would like to organise their dogs too.
Please pay into the NAPC Agility bank account and send PoP as per the instruction you will receive with the confirmation. Please bring shade as it will not be iin the usual SAWDOS rings
20 Feb 19Online entries for Open show 3 March (SAC Trial 3)

We have opened the entries for the Open show on 3 March which this committee will be running under the licence of Wits Corgi Club. It is the 3rd trial, with over 100 dogs expected so please can we ask you to pre-enter.

Entries close 27 February
10 Feb 19Change of SA Champs trial dates in PE

Trial 1: 16 February

Trial 2: 17 February

Trial 3: 23 February

Trial 4: 3 March

31 Jan 19Change of start time- 3 February
The club has made the start time 1 hour earlier than the original schedule posted on the website. .
Entries open at 6.30am, Contact starts at 8am and Dog Jumping 9am. Please ensure you have entered by 7.30am so that we can finalise scribe sheets.
17 Jan 19SA Champs Trial dates by province


20 Jan trial 1

27 Jan trial 2

24 Feb trial 3

3 March trial 4 (rained out)

17 March spare date

Regional Coordinator Kerry Brown. Kerry.Brown@tbwa.co.za. 082 722 1659

Western Province

27 January

24 February

9 March

10 March

24 March (spare date)

Regional Coordinator Adelia. megacpt@mweb.co.za 083 699 1415


3 Feb

23 Feb

3 March

17 March

Regional Coordinator Billy Knox. 082 461 4914 billyknox@gmail.com

Eastern Province

26 January

16 February

23 February


Regional Coordinator Kath White. kathskidsballito@gmail.com 084 555 9157

19 Nov 18Final QC log 2018

The QC log has been updated. 

12 Nov 18NAL and NDJL results

The results for the National Agility League, as well as the National Dog Jumping League, are available on the results page.

Please check your results and report NAL errors to Alett (quakehunter7@gmail.com), NDJL errors to Rory (roryshortland@gmail.com).

7 Nov 18SA Champs trial dates 2019

The provisional trial dates are as follows:

3 February- Jacaranda City Kennel Club (Gauteng Agility)

23 February - NAPC Agility

3 March - Wits Corgi (Gauteng Agility)

17 March (NAPC Agility)

For questions on the rounds run by Gauteng Agility please email gautengagility@gmil.com. For the NAPC run rounds please contact Richard on rawright01@gmail.com 

29 Oct 18QC Log 2018

Attached please find the QC log as of 26 October. Please report any errors

23 Oct 18National Agility League 2018

The National Agility League (NAL) is open to all agility dogs, whether they are in A1, A2 or A3. The standard of the courses will be typically A2. It is run under KUSA Schedule 5L and 5L Appendix F.

The entry fee for 2018 is R100-00 per dog. Handlers are encouraged to enter online via the Gauteng Agility website, online entries will close on Friday, 2 November 2018 at 21:00. Full details and information available on website. 

Alternatively entries can done at the first show on 4 November 2018, entries will close 30minutes before the start of the show. Please bring your own completed entry form and the correct amount of money. Form attached hereto. 

The top 5 dogs on a combined log of small, medium and large nationally will automatically qualify for the 2019 SA Agility Championships.

 The following are the NAL dates for 2018:

Leg 1 and Leg 2 : Sunday 4 November 2018     

Leg 3: Sunday 11 November 2018

Leg 4: Sunday 25 November 2018

Enquiries can be directed to dazzle.vandermerwe@gmail.com

22 Oct 18Dog Jumping League round 6

Round 6 will be run on 11 November at the Western Gauteng show

17 Oct 18Invitation to judges for SA Agility Championships 2019

You are requested to please forward this invitation to your provincial sub-committee and to agility judges on your database.

Invitation to apply to judge the South African Agility Championships & AWC Trials 2019.

To:    All current Championship Show Agility Judges are hereby invited to apply to judge

When:   The event will be held on 7th to 9th June 2019.

Where:    Cruisa Equestrian Park, Sun Valley Midrand, Gauteng

Surface:    Sand composite arena

RSVP:    Any judges interested in applying to judge are requested to submit their application together with a short Agility Judging CV to their regional AWC Committee representative or to the AWC Committee Chairperson (rob.hall@lantic.net) by 30th October. The AWC Committee will then vote on and select the 2 successful applicants.

All interested judges are reminded of the following specific criteria for application, contained in Schedule 5l Appendix D,

Judges are also reminded to please refer to the following specific Schedules for further information related to SA Champs and AWC Trials.

  • Schedule 5L Appendix C
  • Schedule 5L Appendix D
13 Oct 18National dog Jumping league- Round 5

Please note that Round 5 will take place on 21 October at the NWSBTC Open show

10 Sep 18Save the Date- South African Dog Jumping Championships 2018



Please see the attached for the event on 1-2 December

23 Aug 18Show on 9 September

The Wits KC show is arranged and run by Gauteng Agility so proceeds go back into the sport. Please support the show 

1 Aug 18Orion Kennel Club show- change of judge

Please note that Gail Killian will be the Dog Jumping judge at the show on 5 August

31 Jul 18Dog Jumping Inter-provincial Team change

Due to unforeseen circumstances there has been a change to the Grade 3 teams:

Team 1

Gail Killian and Rossi

Gail Killian and Kimberley

Carol Staughton and Yogi

Shelley van Schalkwyk and Aimee

Team 2

Carolyn Chelchinskey and Katy

Shelley van Schalkwyk and Banjo

Danielle Winterbottom and Ross

Dawn Bell and Gracie

30 Jul 18Orion Kennel Club- closing date extended

Please note that the club has extended the closing date to Thursday 2 August for the show this Sunday 5 August.

28 Jul 18National Dog Jumping League Dates

Round 2: 29 July

Round 3: 26 August

Round 4: 9 September

Round 5 and 6: To be confirmed

24 Jul 18TKC open show - 29 July - NDJL round 2

Please note - round 2 of the National Dog Jumping League will be run at the TKC open show on 29 July.

19 Jul 18KUSA Championship show Jump Heights

James Perold has confirmed that he will run agility at 30cm, 40cm and 60cm in Bloemfontein

10 Jul 18Dog Jumping Inter-provincial teams 2018

Congratulations to the following teams who will be representing Gauteng in Bloemfontein:

Grade 1

Team 1

Epic and Bronwyn van Dyk

Feebee and Denise Hendry

Rage and Wayne Arneil

Esprit and Tracey Lander

Team 2

Fable and Bronwyn van Dyk

Trinity and Tracey Lander

Kerry and Chris Hatton

Zingo and Petronella Clark

Grade 5:

Team 1

Lexi and Susan Kleijnhans

Pippa and Carolyn Chelchinskey

Perre and Sue Woodiwiss

Kiss and Carmen van der Merwe


Team 2

Astro and Sue Woodiwiss

Ruka and Tayla van Brakel

Achilles and Christine Broadbent

Sayde and Renee Prinsloo

Grade 3:

Team 1

Lollie and Gaby Grohovaz

Yogi and Carol Staughton

Chanel and Gaby Grohovaz

Rossi and Gail Killian

Team 2

Aimee and Shelley van Schalkwyk

Kimberley and Gail Killian

Nina and Gaby Grohovaz

Katy and Carolyn Chelchinskey

4 Jul 18WODAC Agility Equipment
The following brand new agility equipment is being used for WODAC (not the only equipment)
14x Aluminium Hurdles
1x Aluminium See-Saw
1x HD Bending Pole Base
1x Long Jump
This equipment is for sale on a first come, first served basis. Please contact Richard on 0828091080 if interested.
3 Jul 18National Dog Jumping League
This Sunday is the first of the National Dog Jumping League rounds, administrated by Bobby Boyd and NAPC. Please complete and bring along the entry form and your entry fee of R50.
The dates are as follows:
Round 1        08 July
Round 2        29 July
Round 3        26 August
Round 4        09 September
Round 5/6    30 September
27 Jun 18South African Championships 2018
Congratulations to the Gauteng handlers (in italics) that ended up in the top 3 in the South African Championships 2018:
1st Kimberley and Gail Killian (GP)
2nd Brandy and Samantha Wainwright (EP)
3rd Noodle and Nanette Perold (EP)
1st Bowie and Annaret Meintjes (WP)
2nd T and Rob Hall (GP)
3rd Lollie and Gaby Grohovaz (GP)
1st Milo and Rob Hall (GP)
2nd Akira and Leandre van der Merwe (WP)
3rd Jag and Jason van der Nest (GP)
Congratulations to the following handlers who were elected to represent SA at the FCI Agility World Championships in Sweden in October:
1. Kimberley & G Killian (GP)
2. Zoom & Keegan Taylor (WP)
3. Ayla & Marizelle Strydom (WP)
4. Swish & N Smith (KZN)
Reserve: Kylie and Gaby Frey (KZN)

1. T & R Hall (GP)
2. Chanel & G. Grohovaz (GP)
3. Finn & Jana Smal (GP)
4. Pippa and Carolyn Chelchinskey (GP)
Reserve: Aimee and Shelley van Schalkwyk (GP)
1. Milo & R. Hall (GP)
2. Esprit &  Tracey Lander (GP)
3. Rage & Wayne Arneil (GP)
4. Savvy & L van der Merwe (WP)
Reserve: Savvy & Renee Prinsloo (GP)
1. T & R Hall (GP)
2. Kimberley & Gail Killian (GP)
3. Milo & R. Hall (GP)
4. Esprit & Tracey Lander (GP)
5. Rage & Wayne Arneil (GP)
6. Chanel & Gaby Grohovaz (GP)
7. Zoom & Keegan Taylor (WP)
8. Ayla & Marizelle Strydom (WP)
9. Savvy & L van der Merwe (WP)
Canine Performance centre (CPC) sponsored a Top 10 overall placing in the SA Champs over all height categories. 
We would like to thank them for their generous sponsorship and congratulate the following award winners:
1st Bowie and Annaret Meintjes (WP)
2nd Milo and Rob Hall (GP)
3rd T and Rob Hall (GP)
4th Kimberley and Gail Killian (GP)
5th Brandy and Samantha Wainwright (EP)
6th Lollie and Gaby Grohovaz (GP)
7th Akira and Leandre van der Merwe (WP)
8th Jag and Jason van der Nest (GP)
9th Catch and Annaret Meintjes (WP)
10th PXL and Ansi van der Walt (GP)
27 Jun 18Wits Corgi Club Championship show - late entries

Wits Corgi Club Tramordwy Championship show (15 July) will take late entries until Wednesday 4 July. Please support the club.

27 Jun 18National Dog Jumping League

Round 1 of the national dog jumping league will be run on 8 July. 

Round 1: 8 July, round 2: 29 July.

25 Jun 18Sunday 1 July show at Goldfields

There will be an open show held at Goldfields this weekend - schedule available under Events.

4 Jun 18SAC and AWC draw orders - final

Below the draw orders for the practice round, and rounds 1 and 2 of the SAC and AWC trials. Please ensure entry details are correct.

Round 1 (AWC)

Round 2 (SAC round 1)

Practice round

Please report any errors to Deanna Hewer (deanna01@telkomsa.net).

20 May 18SAC and AWC trial draw orders

Below the draw orders for rounds 1 and 2 and the SAC and AWC trials. Please ensure entry details are correct.

Round 1 (AWC)

Round 2 (SAC round 1)

Please report any errors to Deanna Hewer (deanna01@telkomsa.net).

7 May 18Fun event at Shetland Sheepdog championship show (2018-05-13)

There will be a fun tunneling event, as well as a fun beginner agility course (no weave poles) presented by Rob Hall and other AWC members at the show on Sunday. Cost - R20 per round.

All proceeds will go to the AWC team.

There will also be catering available at the show (The nagging wife).

23 Apr 18NAPC bumper weekend draws - final
Final entries/draws for the NAPC bumper weekend shows:
Report any errors to Richard Wright - rawright01@gmail.com.
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